Burgundy: the Kingdom of ancient

Objects with global names in Burgundy are considered historic values and works of art of different directions. The Church of Mary Magdalene located in Wesel impressed us with its beauty and grandiosity. Interesting stories about its existence is kept in the Abbey of the Cistercians, which is located in Fontenay. All this can be seen with your own eyes, and to the service, where you can book the ticket online, the trip becomes much easier. Medieval castles Guedelon and Hansli-Le-Fran enjoy their beauty in the Yonne. Excursion along the ancient streets of Dijon will not leave anyone indifferent. The main highlight of the city is the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, which at the moment is a Museum of the visual and practical arts. Owners of items on display in the castle was the Dukes.

The oldest city is designated Avalon. The mention of his strong, massive walls Dating from the fifteenth century. A lot of tourists visit the ruins of the defensive walls that would enjoy the reminder of history. 1438 marked the building of the tower of Gogar, which is a fine example of defensive structures. The presence of the Romans in the Burgundy region according to the Roman gate, which survived were designed to be. Gate is one of the most magnificent monuments of the Empire of Rome in Burgundy. The place Carnot, where upravlyayushchikh all sightseeing tours, located in the city of Nevers. Near the square is the Ducal Palace, built in the XV century.

For the entire period of its existence, the building has gone through many upgrades. Otel-Dieu, the ancient hospital, which is considered the main symbol of the city of Beaune. The courtyard inside the hospital is very colorful and iridescent. Annually conduct a wine auction, through which admirers of wines from around the world can get exclusive into their own hands.

Luxurious Royal palaces and ancient monasteries Catholics, rugged FORTS and beautiful castles, art galleries and various museums all the inheritance of Burgundy. After visiting this fabulous country, you can get a lot of positive emotions and impressions for a lifetime.

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