Construction wonders of the Ancient world

The ancient Romans were great builders and engineers. This is testified by numerous remains, built their structures. All familiar to a huge Coliseum, capable of holding several tens of thousands of people, but there are other designs, maybe less ambitious but also quite complicated from a technical point of view. We are talking about the aqueducts that were used for delivery in city of clean drinking water.

The creation of the aqueduct of Valens refers to the end of the fourth century ad, when the Roman Empire was ruled by the Emperor Valens, after whom the aqueduct got its famous name.

The length of the original facility amounted to 971 m (now its length is less than at less than 50 meters), and its maximum height reaches 29 meters. The aqueduct is in a valley between two hills in Istanbul’s Fatih district.

The aqueduct in Segovia

The aqueduct in Segovia is one of the most famous and well-preserved structures of this kind.

It is located on the Iberian Peninsula that transports water from the river Fuente Fria in the city, ligase from it at the distance of 17 kilometers. The aqueduct has 167 arches, which reaches a height of 28.5 meters.

The aqueduct has 167 arches, which reaches a height of 28.5 meters. It astronautalis to reign in territory of present Spain in the Roman Empire.


The Pont du Gard is located in the South of France and is part of a 50 km-long aqueduct. Believed to have been erected in the first century ad. The height of the building reaches almost 50 meters.

Pont-de-Le Ferreras

Pont de Les Ferreres is a 249-metre-long aqueduct, situated near the Spanish town of Tarragona. Some researchers believe that it was erected during the reign of Emperor Augustus in the first century ad.

The aqueduct de Los Milagros

The aqueduct de Los Milagros was able to walk only in a dilapidated condition.

His original design consisted of 38 arched pillars, ascended the upper part of the aqueduct at a height of 25 meters.

Is this ancient building about 5 kilometers North-West of mérida. Ex yst believe that the construction of the aqueduct belongs to the first century ad.

One can only admire how the builders and engineers of the time managed to build such a structure without modern materials. For example, what has Altura. However, today, too, there is something to admire, because the construction sector is developing by leaps and bounds.

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