Cyclopean structures of antiquity

The Construction Of Asgard

The gods made their middle world is Midgard and built Valhalla, the hall of Odin, but they needed a stone fortress, for the hostile tribes of mountain and frost-giants from Utgarda wanted to seize the Kingdom of gods and men. And here to the gods was a stone Mason, who undertook to build three half such a fortress that it would not be able to take the giants. The Builder was supposed to be a giant: medieval, looking at the ancient fortress, believed that they were erected from stone blocks the giants — no wonder they were called cyclopean structures. These fortresses were attributed to one-eyed monster — the Cyclops, who were able not only to move but to throw boulders (the usual occupation of the giants in European folklore).

So, he appeared to the gods the Builder was a giant. And it has come at a cost — the goddess Freyja for a wife yeah the sun and the moon to boot. This fee is for the gods was no better than war, and the Builder clearly counting on the fact that enmity with the giants deprived the fortress of aces couldn’t; also, the most powerful of the AU Thor was in the East, in Utgarde, and battled there with the giants. The gods got together and decided to make the Builder’s task difficult. The Mason had to build a fortress for one winter, and if the first summer day (a year from the Scandinavians were divided into two halves — winter letuyi) the construction is completed, the giant will not receive any wage. To work well the Builder needs without assistants. Then the giant began to demand the horse Svadilfari. Ingenious AU Loki advised the gods to accept this condition.

The giant went to work on the first winter day, and at night his horse took huge chunks, making more of the bricklayer. The æsir were astonished at such work, but the Treaty was sealed with many oaths, to violate which aces could not. Over the winter wall was built higher, it was impossible to take by storm. Before the summer was only three days, and it was necessary to build only one gate. The gods took their sacred seat and began to confer at the thing — because she had to give the giant the giants to deprive the sky of light. The Asa decided that the blame for all the crafty Loki counselor and should be put to death, if he will not prevent the Mason-giant. Strozewski Loki vowed that he will prevent the stone Mason to comply with the terms of the gods. He fulfilled his vow to the most disgraceful from the point of view of divine (and human) morality.

When that evening the Builder of Asgard went behind the rocks to his horse — wonderful assistant, out of nowhere, with the neighing galloping Mare: she asked Loki. Stallion Mason, breaking his bridle, ran after the Mare, the giant rushed to catch up with his working horse, but he continued to pursue magical Mare. Seeing that he had been deceived, the Builder was furious, finding the temper of a giant mountain (no wonder he could carry the rock). But the gods saw that the giant would be the first to break the Treaty, called the Torah. He appeared with his hammer, the Mjollnir and despite brought the gods of the oath, smashed the giant’s skull. So, according to “Edda”, the giant didn’t get the promised payment, but was unable to return to their Country of giants: Thor sent him to hell, Niflhel.

But it has not ended the history of the construction of Asgard, and not even for that prosperous the end it was told by Snorri; the account had to answer the question of Gangleri curious about is where the best horse, is owned by the Odin eight-legged Sleipnir. It brought the same Mare, in the guise of which Loki was distracting the hard-working horse Svadilfari.

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