Four of the most mysterious and mystical places of Volgograd

What you didn’t know about our city.

1 – the building of the Cossack theatre was built in memory of the drowned?

The building of the Cossack theatre, a former cinema “the Guardsman”, a long and interesting history. According to one legend Tsaritsyno merchant, merchant, Alexander Shlykov built it in memory of his daughter who drowned in the Volga, before reaching the age of majority.

– There is speculation that the bas-relief of the girl in the shell-the shell that adorn the facades of the building, is a portrait of his daughter Shlykova, and gray-haired old man on the front – cruel water God Poseidon or Neptune that took away the daughter of the father, – says Roman Skoda.

The expert said that the building was built in 1862 for certain “public purposes”. Almost fifty years later there was opened a women’s gymnasium. And although the merchant until that time had not lived, died in 1908, the memory of his deceased daughter, he still left.

– Shlykov showed her face on the building as much as 13 times. Perhaps this figure indicates the age of the child. Today, after several reconstructions the building has 27 faces of women, says a Volgograd. – If you look closely, it can be noted that all persons are equal and deliberately made ugly. Pronounced bags under the eyes, slightly curved lips, rough features. It is assumed that thereby Shlykov wanted to achieve a precise likeness.

Alexandrenko, organizer of the online community architectural history of Volgograd, worked in the Cossack theatre a few years. During that time he has often heard from the guards amazing stories about miracles that are happening at night in the former “Guardsman”.

– Female caretaker told me that almost every night in the theater of unusual phenomena occurred – unexpectedly in the corridor on the first floor there are echoing footsteps, like a giant or an adult, but in very heavy shoes. Suddenly the sounds stop right at the edge of the corridor with a pass and with the same booming echo on the second floor of the building, – the Volgograd, adding that he also heard stories about whitish silhouette of a young girl in a long dress, which occurs on the landing during the descent into the locker room. It is believed that this is the same daughter Shlykova, and mysterious footsteps in the hallway allegedly owned by her father.

However, Volgogradsky Prospekt nick Eliseev, studying the history of the Cossack theatre, believes that it is not surprising, and the mystery of the old “Trooper” is now considered open.

– The fact that the merchant Shlykova had two daughters. Younger about known that she really was a schoolgirl, but no tragedy since it happened. The older name was Olga. She married merchant pyatkina, thanks to the descendant of which became known the real story, says Eliseev. – Unfortunately, during childbirth, the girl died. Also Shlykova was the son of Basil, who at the age of 21 drowned in the Volga. His body was never found.

The Volgogradsky Prospekt sure popular rumor mixed in one legend, all those memories.

2 – the Jealous man has killed the beloved

Another Ghost wanders near the station of blood transfusion. In times of Tsaritsyn here was a Church and cemetery, says Alexander Naumenko. According to urban legend here the tragedy took place because of jealousy. Merchant of Cats, madly in love with a young girl from a very wealthy family, went out of the temple and saw drove past the carriage in which his passion is embraced with a young man. The sight so shocked the man that he did not hesitate and ran up the carriage, jumped into it and killed by an unknown opponent first, and then screaming in terror lover.

– They say that then saw the accident on the Volga river. He cried and tried to wash the blood-stained clothes. And by night the merchant went to walk in Tsaritsyno and in the place where he had seen the traitor, stabbed himself in the heart with the knife. Since then, the Ghost merchant appears occasionally near the station of blood transfusion. According to descriptions of eyewitnesses, the Ghost looks like a man, but walks on air and he has glowing hands. The sight of lovers, Kotov asks them about the love the guy and the girl each other, and if it receives the affirmative answer, tells his sad story, – -said Naumenko.

3 – In the former dungeons of the NKVD still hear the sounds

Its mystical story is of regional GU Ministry of internal Affairs, located in the Voroshilov district on Barrikadnaya str., 16. This building is pre-revolutionary and had belonged to the merchant Amerhanova. According to one version, in Tsaritsyno time, it housed the “house of tolerance”, as may indicate ornate narrow corridors made specifically to come here for the pleasures of the eminent merchants do not overlap. According to other sources, this was the courtyard of the monastery, but what exactly – is unknown. With the arrival of the Bolsheviks, the building was given to the NKVD.

– Located in the walls of the house chambers was carried out interrogations, torture, on the ground in the yard executions and shootings of citizens. In the basement was housed the morgue – say the members of the online community architectural history of Volgograd.

After these terrible events over the years. However, a few years ago, the guests and hotel staff began to see a semi-transparent silhouettes, aimlessly wandering the corridors of the building.

– On-duty administrators are not comfortable alone down to the basement, especially at night, because sometimes there can be heard the sound of footsteps. Perhaps these are the souls of people who died in “execution site”. They say that their bones immured in the basement of the building, said the hotel employees.

4 – Psychic energy vortexes sealed in the “Old Sarepta”

In 2011, in Volgograd came a film crew of the Moscow TV channel TNT. Together with the participants of the program “Psychics lead the investigation” TV journalists tried to reveal the secrets of the Museum-reserve.

According to the staff, in the premises of the complex you can observe the mysterious movement of objects, breaking dishes, and on the photo – an inexplicable glow. The Museum exhibits changed places, in empty rooms causeless tripped the motion sensors. Some claim that he saw a couple of ghosts – a man and a woman with a child.

Arrived at the place the psychics Nonna Heiran and Alena Orlova confirmed the rumors about the existence of Sarepta paranormal activity. They indicated that the location of the Museum complex, a rotten, because buried here are a lot of people.

Note that, in the 30s of the XX century on the territory of the Museum-reserve was firing a prison, and in time of war, there was located the hospital. According to historical records those who died in hospital were buried on the square in the center of Zarephath.

After a brief walk on the Museum grounds, the psychics said that spirits that live here, particularly the lady with the baby who were trapped in their homes, and also old Potter German Johann, for some unknown reason began to disturb his appearance of citizens, really are the custodians of the area and don’t want to hurt anyone. However, Heiran and Orlov had spent several rites and with the help of simple spells “sealed” energy funnel, where could leave a “negative entity”.

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