Gothic churches in Berehove

These Gothic temples, which are so rare on the territory of Ukraine, preserved in excellent parts of the Beregovo district. Old shrines over the centuries has seen a lot. If only they could talk!

They must tell us their innermost secrets. For example, a beautiful Church from the late fourteenth century at the crossroads near the village of bene in addition to preserved Gothic elements of the Romanesque style. After the terrible fire in 1657 the Church was rebuilt and has absorbed the features of the Baroque. The Windows of the tower are very small and similar to bell – possibly, the temple at the time, performed the defensive functions.

Another ancient Church is located in the village of Kidos. The chapel was built in the XIII century the temple was erected a century later. The Shrine has retained elements of the Romanesque style, and on the walls are still visible frescoes of the XIV century. Wooden belfry at the Gothic Church dated from the eighteenth century. The locals from generation to generation passed the mysterious legend that once in ancient times there existed a monastery of king Solomon.

Reformed Church (1552) in the village of Borzhava was built in the XV century and rebuilt in 1830. The features of the Gothic has retained three large Windows and the portal. And take Care of the village once inhabited by noble lords in voimakkaana take Care of the family estate. The Palace fell victim to the ravages of war, but there is an old temple . far erected in 1335. The Shrine is repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again in every century from the FIFTEENTH to the nineteenth. The ancient temple has incorporated many architectural styles, although it has preserved the unique spirit of the Gothic. In 1329 in the vicinity of the village referred to the Catholic monastery of the “Small Coast” . which was destroyed in 1554 during the reformation and religious wars.

The Gothic Church of the XV century in the village of Great began since 1600 functions as a Protestant. In 1760 it was rebuilt with elements of the middle Baroque. Reformed Church in the village of Chetfalva appeared in the XV century and rebuilt in 1796. In the village of Heten the temple was built in the XIV century, but in 1566 was destroyed by the Tatars. A little later it was rebuilt with Baroque elements, and 1607 settled here the Protestants. The Gothic Church of the XV century you will also find in the village Orosiova. And in the village Muzhieve, which is also known for its vineyards, there are two shrines: the ruins of the Dominican Church 1117 years (rebuilt the XVI century) and the later building of the temple of the XVIII century.

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