In Russia found an ancient structure comparable to the stone hangem

Geological expedition discovered in the mountains in the South of the Kemerovo region, a stone “wall” of piled up on each other rectangular blocks. According to one version, find — a man-made structure older than 100 thousand years. Scientists compare the structure with Stonehenge and the Egyptian paramasamy this summer and intend to again go on an expedition to solve the mystery of its origin. About it ITAR-TASS informed the Deputy Chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian geographical society Eugene Vertman.

In Russia found an ancient structure

According to preliminary estimates, the height of the wall is about 40 m and a length of almost 200 m. the length of the “bricks” that make up the building reaches 20 meters, their height — 5-7 m. the Weight of each block — more than 1 thousand tons. Part of the rectangular stones scattered on the slopes of the mountains, which are adjacent to the main discovery.

Scientists are considering two versions of the origin of the “Russian Stonehenge”. According to the first, construction could build an ancient civilization. “Most likely, they had other, unknown, and unavailable technologies, said Vertman. — Of course, the questions arise: why did they built the building, how they managed to lift the blocks on the mountain height of over 1 m On all that we have to respond.” According to the second version, found stones are the result of geological processes relating to strong weathering of the rocks of Mountain Shoria /in the South of Kemerovo region.

To get the answer, researchers may have yet to climb into the mountains of Kuzbass. “Now we try not to jump to conclusions. We need proof, added the geologist. — Next year we intend to conduct a more detailed expedition, with appropriate equipment.”

Vertman said that the first time geologists have paid attention to this area in Mountain Shoria in 1991. But after USSR collapse no funding no long allowed to explore the area. Work resumed this fall. The members of the expedition, besides the people, were scientists from other regions of Siberia and the Far East.

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