Medveditsky ridge

Medveditskaya ridge – a mysterious place in Russia

On planet Earth there are abnormal areas that are covered with mystery and mystique.

One such place is Medveditsky ridge .

In these areas, things happen that defy explanation even by modern science, not to mention basic logical understanding of an ordinary man.

Abnormal location of our planet ” Medveditskaya ridge “.

The UFOs, and a giant ball regular lightning, mangled, broken, like matches trees with diameters of trunks of more than thirty inches with traces of burns on them, the soil and vegetation exposed to harmful radiations unknown, unexplored network of underground tunnels, all of this is Medveditsky ridge.

It is anomalous in zhernovskom area that is included in the Volgograd region of Russia. From the city to a mysterious location only 15 to 18 kilometers.

Medveditsky ridge consists of a chain of hills with height up to 250 meters and has an oval shape, the diameter of which reach twenty miles.

The flights of unknown objects of different shapes (spherical, in the form of cymbals and triangles) been here a long time all used to, and to numerous traces of the UFO landing. The inhabitants of these places often see glowing balls of different colors and unknown objects of other forms.

The second mystery is that in these places like a magnet, attracted the greatest number of lightning. On Medveditsky ridge is even there is so called “the Slope of mad lightning.”

Interesting is the fact that ball lightning appear not only in the storm, but can occur in good weather at any time of the day. Fireballs fly for a very long time, up to a dozen hours, “as route” and leave behind a scorched hole or a spiral.

The researchers of this abnormal area conducted their measurements and calculations. One of these calculations revealed that the largest ball lightning hit a tree. was lightning with a diameter of two meters.

The most amazing is that these fireballs can fly against the wind, to hover over objects and they do it usually in half-meter – meter from the ground. How to explain such behavior, remains a mystery.

Recorded case of which occurred on the Medveditsky ridge:

A woman with her son just got to the peak burst of ball lightning. And the woman covers a child in the end of the zipper several times passed through her and the boy. They are in a state of shock were taken to hospital, but after careful observation of doctors, the verdict was that no health damage is not detected. For a long time the woman saw a doctor, but any negative factors for health have not been systematically identified.

Scientists from the U.S. and Europe interested in the phenomenon of ball lightning, since the number of occurrence of such natural events (during the year) Medveditsky ridge is the second, conceding first place Malaysia, where fireballs seen even more.

Underground tunnels on the Medveditsky ridge.

In addition, under the ridge, at depths from 8 to 30 meters, the tunnels are in diameter from 7 to 20 meters of unknown origin.

These tunnels have smooth walls, and to each other, these caves are located in parallel. The amazing thing is that ball lightning fly clearly on these tunnels as routes laid out in advance.

If not to take into account the most unrealistic assumption of the possibility of such tunnels, the main are:

The formation of tunnels in a natural way, for example, crack in the bark or other natural caves that have arisen from the confluence of natural circumstances.

The assumption that this is a military secret base.

It is built of ancient civilizations.

Made by extraterrestrial civilizations base, Parking, shelter.

Assumptions are many, but so far no one dares to say that is the truth.

It has weird springs: one of them goes plain distilled water. in other radioactive.

There were numerous cases. men and animals fell underground or simply disappeared in these places, and also there are other incredible anomalies that have happened and continue to happen.

Maybe all of this can be explained by the fact that the Medveditsky ridge is located on the site of a tectonic fault, which is why it attracts lightning and plates and is considered one of the most unpredictable anomalous zones in Russia.

How to explain such mysterious phenomena, remains an Enigma even to the most experienced and modern scientists. But the fact that this place can be considered abnormal, no one no longer confuses.

Medveditsky ridge is one of the most mysterious places on our planet, and this place is located in Russia.

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