Mysterious ancient megaliths

This mysterious and famous phenomenon like Stonehenge still causes more questions than gives answers. Who has erected these giant sandstones on Salisbury plain in southern England? And how and for what purpose was Stonehenge built?

Garrans, Kaktusen, Ireland (2005)

However, Stonehenge is not one of a kind stone megaliths can be found around the globe.

Photographer Barbara Yoshida traveled across the world to capture ancient buildings of stone boulders at night. These images became the illustrations for the book “Look to the moon: megaliths by moonlight”, authored by Barbara Yoshida.

The very first megalith Barbara saw in 2003 in Scotland. It was “Circle Brodgar”. Barbara describes it as a circle of huge stones, located on the island of Mainland in the Orkney archipelago of Islands. All night she photographed a magnificent structure that bears no less puzzles than Stonehenge. As the temperature at night fell on the camera lens appeared drops of moisture that condense in the air, making the shots star trails are longer.

Most famous megaliths are also found in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Russia, the Middleeast and Africa. Sometimes Barbara was looking for them only from photographs and scant descriptions of tourists.

From the 27 included in the book of Barbara, the most favorite is an ancient cult site of Callanish, located on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. If you look at it from above, you notice that the stone rows of this place form a Celtic cross.

Another exciting object that is represented in the book, is Zorats-karer (or Karahunj) in Armenia. Exploring prehistoric monument, Barbara Yoshida came across the works of Armenian astrophysicist almy of parsamian, which suggested that these blocks could be used as a prehistoric Observatory. She found that the holes in the stones point directly at the horizon and could give people the opportunity to observe moon phases and sunrise on the solstice.

Who knows, maybe the secrets kept by these ancient megaliths, and will remain unsolved for many thousands of years.

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