Old streets of Tbilisi

The most interesting in Tbilisi is not the new futuristic buildings and even a fortress of Narikala, vozvishayushiysya over the city. The people and the houses in which they live – this is the heart of the Georgian capital. Tbilisi in something can be compared to Odessa: the inhabitants of both cities and stunningly picturesque , and the yards can compete against each other.

1. In Tbilisi there are buildings of different centuries, but here, for example, a district with typical streets of 18-19 centuries. A typical home. well, it seems there is nothing interesting inside of a high yard-a well.

2. Preserved Soviet signs with the Cyrillic alphabet.

3. And now waiting for you a kind of a stone sack. Reluctantly you come in the front or in the arch…and transported to another time.

4. Every Georgian courtyard portal to the past. Behind the facade of nineteenth century hiding more ancient times.

5. The main feature of these yards is, of course, balconies.

6. On these terraces, it seems to take most of the life of Tbilisi citizens.

8. “Aunt Ira and uncle Serezha” – the indigenous people of Tbilisi. Irina was very shy to be photographed in casual clothes, so rushed to change. And Sergey lit a cigarette and began to pose. He talks very badly and had difficulty walking,he suffered five strokes. But still from the heart smiles and happy guests.

9. Every yard drying clothes.

10. This man I don’t know: a bystander walking by the hand with his young grandson. Decided to show your yard: the openwork gate and near the little houses hiding the rock at the bottom which has a pure spring.

11. In this same yard was a tunnel through the rock that led directly to the Botanical garden. Unfortunately, recently the entrance was sealed.

12. Each of the Tbilisi the courtyard is bound to have cats.

13. The concentration of cats in old Tbilisi is huge! Here Odessa already can’t compete, Tbilisi and “breathes in a back” the Crimea Gurzuf. the absolute record for cats!

14. But not a single domestic cats presents fauna in these courts.

17. There are not enough crocs!

18. Again linen.

19. In some places you can observe historic masonry, traditional old Tbilisi: Georgian thin brick is laid with rows of river stones. They say it makes the wall more durable and retains it during the earthquakes.

20. I’ve never noticed before, but it looks like cats love rust?

21. Small bakery where they make traditional lavash. Details of how to bake bread in the tandoor, I wrote winter, in a post about Abkhazia .

23. After the Soviet Union collapsed and Georgia became independent, a whole generation. The majority of youth does not speak Russian, that’s fine. But I was surprised when I looked into one of the courtyards. All children, despite their young age, well said!

26. In one of these houses, on the street Majorska, he lived Yesenin. He lived a year and a half, one of their Georgian friends.

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