Review of enigmatic constructions of ancient times

The most mysterious buildings of antiquity

In the first place mentioned Berlingske guard (also known as the Indian Head), which can be admired in the province of Alberta, Canada. However, it can be seen either from the aircraft or by using services like Google Earth. Giant size guard discovered in 2006, American Lynne Hickox, examining satellite images of the Earth on the Internet. In fairness, we note that “man-made” many of the guards questioned. Skeptics argue that if a rich imagination and an excess of time, you can find a lot of humanoid figures in the shapes of mountains and landscapes.

But the second group of objects that is also designed for viewing from a great height, obviously already could not be created by the game elements. Lininski, on the homonymous plateau in Peru were carved between 400 and 650 BC. The drawings consist of a variety of images of animals, among which you can find sharks, lizards, orcas, hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys and some others. According to archaeologists who do not share the “alien” explanation, they could have a ritual significance. For example, one theory suggests that during the annual festivals the priests could fill hollowed-out grooves of some combustible substance, and then to admire rising into the air a giant smoke shapes is analogous to the rings Smoking pipes.

The pyramids of Giza need no introduction. There is no doubt that they were built for the Egyptians not only had to be able to move very heavy stones, but also have a good astronomical knowledge. For example, at the summer solstice from the point of view of the Sphinx the setting sun is exactly between the two largest pyramids. The ratio of the dimensions and mass of the pyramids is pretty spot on with the masses and diameters of the orbits of Earth, Mars and Venus.

The fourth object is clearly more utilitarian purpose. Underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey is a complex of buildings carved into the rock and connected by tunnels. In the underground premises could put up to 20 thousand people, was planned thoroughly, in modern language, the whole social infrastructure: archaeologists have found the remains of grocery stores, wine shops, schools, stables and even a certain similarity of printing. Mysterious architects provided a system of water supply and sewage systems, ducts and lighting wells. Estimated date of construction – first Millennium BC. Apparently, we are talking about one of the first underground shelters in case a major war.

Another city, this time overhead – Teotihuacan (Aztec – “Place where men become gods”) near Mexico city, Mexico. This is one of the most ancient cities of the Earth, until the XV century was the largest center of civilization in the Western hemisphere. Among the Nations that had a hand in the creation of a huge city, called the tribes of the Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and Mixteco.

When the construction is widely used mica, which, as shown by mineralogical analysis, was extracted in 4.8 thousand kilometers from the town, in Brazil. This material is resistant to sunlight, moisture, electricity, and high temperatures. It is possible that the rulers of the richest Empire just “besilis with fat”, ordering your own structures out of such hard material, but it is possible that the mica was needed to carry out some unknown processes.

Another town with the unpronounceable name – Sacsayhuaman, in vicinity of present-day Cuzco, Peru. The buildings of the former capital of the Inca Empire entirely composed of cyclopean stones, the weight of some of them amounts to 360 tons. The poignancy of this fact adds that the near field of such rocks is only 35 kilometres away.

However, the inhabitants of the Eastern hemisphere from their counterparts to keep up. For example, in Baalbek (Lebanon) they had built the gigantic temple of Jupiter. In construction, later known as the Trilithon, are used, in particular, three enormous stones weighing about 800 tons each. Nearby are the smaller workpiece is 350 tons and in a career already processed, but did not use the unit weight and is under 1000 tons.

The British were able to turn into a tourist Mecca your Stonehenge, around which there was a lot of speculation. So, in the web you can find a lot of “revelations”, claiming that the facility was built on the lands of the Ministry of defence of Britain in 1950 – 1960, and then began a massive advertising campaign. However, a more conservative point of view suggests, the ring of megaliths were built between 3000 m and 2000 years BC and could serve as a temple, a tomb or an astronomical Observatory. Who studied the history of Stonehenge, the science fiction writer Harry Harrison wrote a good novel of the same name, in which, in particular, has put forward the version that participated in the construction of the “superintendents” of the Mycenaean Kingdom, where at that time already knew the technique for moving a 50-ton stones.

Of course, most questions can be answered, why the mysterious buildings cease to be. In the building nothing high-tech is not observed, and with enough man-hours to dump a pile of gigantic stones or to put the “ass” boulder is not so difficult. The question is: how do all these ancient builders managed to work – and work well! – without National associations? And here it is on a rational basis is quite impossible to explain! But we try to do in our next article.

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