Romanesque and Gothic churches of Western Europe

“Medieval literature and art” – ideas about culture during the European middle Ages. Literature in the middle Ages. Europe enters the middle Ages. The seven liberal arts. In 395, is a division of the Roman Empire on the East and West. In 330, Emperor Constantine moves capital of Empire to Byzantium. The Era Of The Middle Ages.

“Medieval architecture” – the darkest period British middle Ages. The leaning tower of Pisa. The ladies of the court. The interior of the Palace chapel in Aachen, built by Charlemagne. Warriors. The Romanesque Cathedral looks as if composed of several independent volumes. In songs-kananah troubadours sang of the love of a Beautiful Lady.

“The Catholic Church” – the Thirst to punish the concrete carriers of evil has unleashed the anger of the crowd of Jews and “witches”. 95 theses against indulgences. The Catholic Church in the middle ages served as the ideological basis of the whole feudal system. The peasant war of 1521 – 1525, the Catholic Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary in Moscow. Thomas Munzer.

“The art of the middle ages” – IX century. Chapel. The frescoes of the era, the Carolingian privlekatelnosti. Stone sculpture continues to be a relief. The invasion of the barbarians. Rectangular in plan. A stone cross. In the middle Ages, a new type of culture – religious. Section 1 the early middle ages. RELIQUARIES from the TREASURY FOR RELICS – the relics of the saints.

“The temples of Byzantium” – a Cross-domed Church. Architecture. One of the attractions of the facilities were 36 columns decorated at the base with reliefs almost in human growth. Byzantium. EXEDRA (Greek. exedra), in ancient architecture with a semicircular niche along the wall seats for meetings and conversations. In Christian churches the apse is an altar corbel, usually oriented to the East.

“Knight’s castle” – Tournaments were appointed by kings, and was carried out under the control of the heralds. 2.Gear knights. To stand out,the feudal lords had spent a lot of money in front of everybody. In the knights castle. 3.Knights at your leisure. In the basement were ripped well, and kept a stock of food. In case of danger, the bridge was raised and, as if a door had closed the entrance.

The Architecture Of London
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At the end of the XIX century in Moscow there were two Catholic churches: St. Louis on Malaya Lubyanka and the Holy apostles Peter and Paul in Milyutinsky lane. By…

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