The Amiens Cathedral

Amiens is the main city of Picardy, a historical region in North-Western France, situated on the river Somme. In the center stands a huge Cathedral – the largest Gothic building in France.

The AMIENS CATHEDRAL, one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in the world and one of the largest in France (length 145 km). The main part of it built in 1218-1279 project of Robert de Luzarches and his successors Volume and Renaud de Cormon. Between 1373 1549 and in the late Gothic style were built the towers of the Western facade and some other parts of the building. The main features of the great French cathedrals of the high Gothic era developed in the architecture of the cathedrals of Chartres and Reims. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Amiens is one of the most courageous, graceful and harmonious architectural solutions of a Gothic Church. On the Western facade of the building there are three sculpted portals; the Central portal is decorated with the famous statue of the blessing Christ. The main nave (height of 42.5 meters, width of 14.3 m) is a three-tiered structure: in the middle tier for arcade of triforia is a narrow gallery. Starting with 1292 the side aisles began to grow thanks to the extension of the chapels (including the chapel of the cardinal Delagrange, one of the earliest examples of flamboyant Gothic architecture). The Eastern part is short, but wide and spacious choir transept are illuminated through the Windows of triforia. In bypass gallery of the choir, five chapels. The huge Windows of the choir and the main nave lost medieval stained glass Windows. Vnutrineironalnah Amiens Cathedral, high and spacious, seems both elegant and austere, Grand and cozy. The external decoration of the Cathedral – Gothic art, the perfect combination of architecture and sculpture.

[sms]Beautiful West facade is carefully designed. Has four layers (the first three portals, the second and the third Openwork gallery, the fourth Gallery of kings). In the center of the second tier is located the famous medieval statue of Christ. A huge window, a rose built in the 15th century. The tower facade is asymmetrical, the Northern higher than the southern, but both beautiful.

On the outside wall of the Cathedral is encircled with embossed garland.

The facade of Amiens Cathedral is distinguished by a rare fusion of architecture and sculpture. Researchers believe that the works were supervised by the Builder who was a prominent sculptor and head of a large gang of craftsmen-masons. He managed to bring a single idea to all the participants.

From a distance the Amiens Cathedral looks like a precious casket. Sculpture, reliefs, carvings cover its facades. The main Western facade, varies special richness of decoration. Three magnificently decorated portal represent the first tier of the building. In the center of the facade, above the main gate, the statue of Christ trampling the lion and Chimera – the symbols of death. The entrances to the Cathedral is framed by figures of apostles and saints, and trim – the seated figures of chimeras. The second and third tier is decorated with elegant arcades – they are called “openwork gallery”, the fourth is the traditional “Gallery of Kings”.

The sculptural decoration of the three portals of the Cathedral on three themes: the theme of the last judgment, the virgin Mary and the locally venerated Saint, the first Bishop of the city Firmino, canonized and became the patron Saint of Amiens. The statues decorating the Central facade, completed in 1224 – 1230. The decoration of the South facade of Amiens Cathedral is the famous sculpture “the Golden Madonna”, referring to the middle of the XIII century. It was once gilded, for which he received its name. This magnificent sculpture served as a model for many subsequent buildings of France and Europe.

During restoration work in 1992, experts found on the surface adorning the facade statues the remnants of their ancient coloring. A glimpse of red, blue, green. Again to paint the façade paint, it was however considered impossible. And, to show how the Cathedral was perceived by the contemporaries of its builders, it was decided to resort to modern lighting technology: installed on the square in front of the facade 9 projectors using special colour filters to accurately depict the contours of the statues and their parts and convey all the colors. Rose is highlighted with a single spotlight from the inside.

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