The best in Barcelona

Located on the North East coast of Spain is the intoxicating city of Barcelona. Standing against the Mediterranean sea, this multifaceted jewel rewards visitors and locals hypnosis architecture, impressive museums, outstanding cuisine and many other interesting things.

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain and capital of Catalonia, machines roaring, rushing in the modern rhythm, yet retains its rich and diverse history. There is no end when it comes to interesting things to see and do in this Sunny, vibrant city. In this regard, a brief overview of the best that can offer You the Barcelona, can be very useful.

Gothic Quarter (Barri Gótic)

The Gothic Quarter, the centre during the Roman times, is surprisingly well preserved within this modern community. Narrow streets lined with Gothic buildings Dating from the 14th and 15th centuries that run like a maze. For reference: the huge Cathedral, one of the largest Gothic buildings in all of Spain. In addition, many pretty squares offer a relaxing place to soak it all in while You are celebrating, as starai new architecture seems to thrive in the company of each other.

No nakakaintindi choice when it comes to bars and restaurants in the Gothic Quarter. Select the time to enjoy authentic tapas and a glass of sangria that will restore Your strength. For the more energetic people, the Quarter offers some enticing nightlife. Plaza Reial which offers and Calle Ferran is an excellent place to find many cafes and bars where the action never stops.

Not far, just a few blocks to the South-East of the Gothic Quarter — the area known as Las Ramblas, or La Rambla. Beautiful tree-lined streets, five of them in all, are filled with busy people and provide a large number of people to watch. Street demonstrations are numerous and include such exotic offerings as the actors swallowing the sword, while impatient sellers do not spend time in vain, as they busily pushing their wares to tourists.

The market live birds occupying the whole street, are worth Your visit and is called the Market of the Modernist Boqueria. The market can be found next to the famous Opera house of the 19th century, the Gran teatre del Liceu. The area really ends slightly shabby building and it becomes more extraordinary at night with weird shadows. When You are directed to the monument of Christopher Columbus and distant harbour.

In regards to food and shopping, prices tend to be above normal in Las Ramblas because of its large volume of tourists. Best choices and prices can be found outside the city, although there is something, what is worth paying, such as sipping a glass of sangria waiting for a live theatre play in the street in front of You.

Gaudi is the beloved of all in Barcelona, and his unfinished Cathedral, a really magnificent building, the Sagrada Familia is said to be visited the number one attraction in the city. If time does not take into account nothing else, make sure the saw is the most famous building in Barcelona. Breathtaking spires are interwoven with sculptures and make a bold statement against the background of blue sky. The Museum is housed inside and requires an entrance fee. If no time, just look closely to see the Sagrada Familia from the outside, it will be quite useful.

The house of Gaudi can be found in the Park Guell wildly intriguing, along with amazing sculptures, buildings and tile work designed specifically for that person. The Gaudi admired architects around the world, and his work can be found throughout the city. If the Gaudi architecture You like, it would be worth it to choose one of the many tours offered.

Barcelona has an impressive aquarium, L Aquarium De Barcelona, located in the Port area. Here there is an underwater tunnel 80 metres long, six million litres of water and a huge Oceanarium, the only such tank that You can find in Europe.

Spanish Village, or Espanyol de Montjuic, is another famous landmark that depicts the different types of architecture from all over Spain. There are many shops of crafts that highlight traditionally made Spanish goods that can be found throughout the village. This is also the venue for the famous Flamenco shows, Tablao de Carmen, a traditional Spanish music and the feeling of the dance.

In Barcelona there are more than 50 museums, but a few of the most popular is the Picasso Museum, the Museum of History of Catalonia, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Football club Barcelona. Don’t forget to check opening hours of museums and the size of the input card.

The journey is always an adventure, and a unique Barcelona — great city adventure. With so many options on Your list “must see and do”. You make such a list? It can be extremely useful. Select your favorites, make your list and get ready to enjoy Barcelona, the main European destination for tourists.

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