The Foundation of the megalithic structures

The majority of large (religious) structures (and complexes) were built by the ancient Egyptians on the ruins (or just above) the more ancient megalithic structures (the so-called megalithic are of the core), or in the immediate vicinity (around).

In one of the discussions came a dispute about the construction techniques of the ancient Egyptian and megalithic structures, more specifically, about the foundations. The essence of the discussion boiled down to postulate (rather doubtful), that ancient Egyptian buildings been built on the sand (and therefore crumbled in a few thousand years), and high-tech megaliths were used as the Foundation rock Foundation, which determined (in conjunction with other technological solutions) and their strength (seismic resistance).

For myself would like to figure out a few things, than ask for help from the public forum:

1. There statitsa, research (or personal observation) that showcase the type of Foundation on which is built the megalithic buildings in Egypt (and possibly the world)?

2. How do specialists-builders opinion about uvelichenii strength and seismic resistance of the structure intestinomicina on the basis of (or using part of the rock or the rock as a whole, as a structural member (bearing wall, corner, etc.)?

3. Can we assume the main reason for the construction of a number of (possibly very wide) megalithic structures on bedrock the strength and seismic resistance? Maybe on sand or on hard-Packed, shock-absorbing ground even better?

The answer to these questions is not to share hi-tech (on a cliff steeper) and the ancient Egyptian buildings. This can be done easily, looking closely to constructions. It is interesting to understand the technological solution. Built on what was under my feet? By the way, that the megalith builders were under my feet? This question can be answered by examining the foundations? And how to do it?

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