The Gothic Church in the suburbs

Temple of Vladimir icon of the Mother of God in Bykovo, near Zhukovsky city and locality under the name of Vereya.

You can drive on the Ryazan highway to the turn to Bykovo (via Zhilino) — 8 km, turn left there. Next — travel is not to the airport, and in Bykovo and Zhukovsky. Drive through Bykovo through the border between Bykovo Zhukovsky and at the traffic lights turn right, then after 200m. to turn right again on a street road, and drive to Church.

In General, if you decide to go, keep in mind that the Church is quite high and sharp spires, and the end of lurking behind trees and houses. Look for several of spires.

The Church in appearance is not similar to the Orthodox. As far as we know, is the only creation in pseudo-Gothic style belongs to the Russian architect V. I. Bazhenov and built in 1789.

The Palace Church in the village of Bykovo is known since the beginning of the XVII century, then it was wooden, Kletsky type. In 1704. here at the Palace founded a stone Church of the Nativity of Christ. The new owner of the estate, Mikhail Mikhailovich Izmailov, decided to build in Bikov the new Church, and in 1789. carried out this intention.

Does not feel that it is an acting Orthodox temple.It seems that we have a real castle with lots of architectural details that can be seen walking around.

Near the temple, as expected, stands the bell tower is made in the same style and built later than the main building of the temple.

Here’s the entrance to the lower Church, decorated with roses — very cheery, not to believe that it is near us, in our lane!

And this is how it looks if you go around the temple on the other hand, where disposal and a paved area.

Inside the temple we and arrived in the late afternoon and while walking around, took pictures, and when went inside, the old woman, closing the door gently advised us to get to the exit. The whole complex is surrounded by a green iron fence, which is also locked on the castle.

That struck very near the temple are residential houses, garages, dumps some. The house looms so close that already spoil the review, but before the temple some Uzbeks in General built the red-brick building, which will close such a beauty and completely destroy the view.

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