The most ancient structures

Tens of thousands of years ago

Ancient civilizations that existed on earth tens of thousands of years ago have disappeared long ago. But they left behind numerous facts stay that is now admired by grateful descendants.

Some modern scientists boldly assert that archaeology, as a science, practically everything is known about the past. And if some of the puzzles on our land, which are not solved, then it’s a matter of time. Although all new findings and discoveries cast doubt on the veracity of such a bold statement.

Entire cities

There are still buildings, pyramids and even whole cities, that among scientists there is no consensus. It remains a mystery who built these structures, what construction materials were used and why were these buildings abandoned?

Many scientists for decades researching the most ancient structures on earth and trying to find explanations to the principles of their constructions. In some such structures the secrets of construction have been disclosed, for example, the ensemble of blocks of stone, Stonehenge in the UK.

But the secrets of other buildings and remain unknown. As a result, some researchers and experts admit the intervention of extraterrestrial civilizations. Such assumptions can be understood,as some of the ancient buildings is simply gigantic in its scope.

In the construction of ancient buildings used stone slabs such proportions that today move them would be problematic even with the use of modern technology. Mathematical and geometrical parameters in the construction of monumental structures is very accurate and correct. And given that the exact calculations used together with multi-ton slabs, the construction simply amazes modern scientists, researchers and tourists.

The City Of Machangara-Daro

For example, world famous structures, the appearance and functionality of which still remains unexplained.

The city of Machangara-Daro, situated in the Indus valley of Pakistan 2600 years ago BC. According to scientists it was one of the richest cities in South Asia, the inhabitants left it about 900 years ago for unknown reasons. Machangara-Daro stands out the perfect layout of streets and use of brick as the primary material for building houses. The whole city is built with the Sewerage system. In this area, found a complex irrigation and religious buildings.

Ancient Lebanese town of Baalbeck has been known since antiquity. But records about him are found only from the time of Alexander the great. What people inhabited it until the time is unknown to modern scientists. But found temple ensemble proves that this site existed a kind of civilization. During the construction of the temple, which surpasses in some respects the great pyramid of Cheops, has been used solid slabs, weighing up to 1000 tons.

Purpose of construction, number of residents, the real name of Machu Picchu in Peru and why it was abandoned are not known by archaeologists today. The ancient buildings of the city’s perfectly preserved for the research of modern historians and archaeologists. Machu Picchu attracts many tourists to the residence of rulers, temples and shrines.

The Palace of Knossos in Crete

The huge Palace of Knossos in Crete is fraught with many mysteries. In the Palace there were more than 1500 rooms spread over five levels, but they had a fairly confusing layout. The rooms of the Palace were decorated with paintings, the paint is still not found by scientists-chemists. And the biggest mystery of Knossos – Phaistos disc-linear, the solution of which promises many discoveries in the field of archaeology.

In South-East Turkey, is a mysterious complex of Göbekli Tepe. It is the largest and oldest of all the known megalithic structures on earth. The approximate age of the complex dates back 12,000 years. With the construction of this gigantic structure were used for plates weighing up to 50 tons, and the nearest quarry is 500 metres away. As it was delivered and set up plate, and why the complex was then deliberately covered with earth people?

All these questions remain without answers. Who lived before us have left historians and archaeologists a lot of mysteries that scientists have yet to unravel. It’s possible, thanks to a whole array of eras opens your mysteries to us.

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