The most ancient structures in the world

China. Ancient artifacts in a modern country

China is proud of its long rich history and a huge number of ancient monuments. The great wall of China is perhaps one of the greatest ancient wonders of the world. This wall crosses the country and passes through meadows, deserts and mountains. But China’s historic attractions are not limited to great wall of China. In this country you have the opportunity to see the Terracotta army and the Forbidden city, as well as many other famous ancient buildings and artifacts of China. Notable modern structures are those that were built for the Olympic Games in 2008, including futuristic office building of China Central television.

The great wall of China

This is one of the largest buildings in the world made by man.

Construction work on the construction of the great wall began during the Qin dynasty, over 2,000 years ago, in order to protect against external enemies. The length of this fantastic building is almost 9,000 km away. the wall Height varies from 4.5 m to 9 m, width also comes to 9 m. Wall equipped with an observation tower 12 m high, spaced 200 m from each other, and fortresses, where in antiquity was situated the garrisons, securing the country from invasion by neighbouring tribes.

Today many part of the wall is difficult to recognize because erosion and other damage, but they are well sohranivshiesya is a three-hour drive from Beijing. Not so long ago, it was confirmed that part of the wall visible from space, evidence of the massiveness of the structure.

The terracotta army

This mausoleum of the first Emperor of the Qing dynasty was discovered by archaeologists in 1974, and it dates back to 210 BC, the Mausoleum is located at the foot of Lishan mountain, about an hour’s drive from XI’an city. In this burial place are row after row of full-sized clay statues, representing the army of the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The statues represent warriors, horses, chariots and weapons. This monument is not that other, as attempt of the Emperor to bring with them into the afterlife and his army. Scientists believe that in this place archaeologists will have a lot of interesting finds.

The forbidden city

The forbidden city of China is located near the Tiananmen square in Beijing. This Palace complex was the residence of Chinese emperors. This monument of Chinese Imperial power – the most visited attraction in China. The construction of the Palace began in 1406, and in his time lived here 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasty.

Temple of Heaven – a complex of historic buildings in downtown Beijing. Built in 1420. during the reign of the Ming dynasty, as an offering heaven for the happy life on earth, it consists of three major groups within the long wall, enclosing an area of approximately 2.5 square kilometers.

The main attraction of the complex is the temple of Prayer for the Harvest or Harvest Church is a white circular structure with columns inside 12, representing the months of the year. Also widely known and the Imperial vault of heaven is a round building, surrounded by the Echo Wall. This wall is famous in that it creates a very strong echo. Even if you pronounce the words next to her in whispers, they will be heard far from there. The temple is open for visitors daily all year round.

Caves or mogao grottoes also known as “thousand Buddha Cave”. This is one of three famous cave temple complexes in China. It is located in the Gansu province, near Dunhuang. The complex consists of 750 caves contain some of the best preserved Buddhist works of art Dating from 366 G. They include 2100 statues of all sizes, from 2 cm to 34 m in height, and colorful murals covering the walls of caves throughout the 25 km of the Caves are open to visitors every day, but visiting hours vary depending on season.

The Confucius Temple

The Confucius temple is a historical temple devoted to the memory of the famous Chinese philosopher. It is located in the centre of Qufu in Shandong province, and was built in 478 BC, a year after the death of Confucius. The temple occupies an area of approximately 54 acres and includes 466 halls and pavilions. The rest of the complex consists of a large bell tower, decorative columns, decorated with carved dragons, and hollow walls, in which the followers of Confucius had once hidden books of his teacher from the Imperial army.

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