The most beautiful and interesting temples of the world

We continue to get acquainted with the most interesting temples. Today we will visit 7 of them, and if you’re lucky, and look inside.

Duomo di Milano ( Milan Cathedral )

In the heart of Milan there is a magnificent, Gothic-style Cathedral. Many pointed spires, sculptures and statues, columns and turrets — all white marble Milan Cathedral. From any excursions in Milan Russian. you will learn that the Cathedral was built over five centuries and is still the fourth largest Cathedral in the world. From the roof of the Cathedral offers spectacular views of the city. Inside the temple is worshipped by all the inhabitants, the Golden statue of Milan’s patron Saint, and above the altar is a nail that the legend was removed from the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Jubilee Church ( Jubilee Church )

Jubilee Church or the Church of Merciful Father God was built in 1996-2003 by architect Richard Meier. Initially the Church was intended to revitalize the lives of residents, but, over time, it became a real social centre of Rome. Jubilee Church stands on a triangular site surrounded by high-rise apartment houses in which live about 30,000 people.

The Church of Paraportiani ( Church of Paraportiani )

The snow-white Church was built in the 15th – 17th centuries on ostrovityane, Greece. The temple consists of 5 churches, four of which are on the ground, and the fifth is based on them.

Borgund stave Church ( Borgund Stave Church )

The borgund stave Church was built in the years 1150-1180 in Norway. This is one of the oldest framed churches, extant in its original form. The Borgund stave Church was created without the use of metal parts. First frame racks going on the ground, and then raised up by means of long poles.

The Church Of St. Joseph ( St. Joseph the Betrothed Church )

The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church of St. Joseph in Chicago, Illinois, USA, was built in 1956. Worldwide she is known thanks to modern thirteen gold domes symbolizing the twelve apostles and Jesus Christ in the center.

The Cathedral of our lady of tears ( Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime )

According to legend, in the middle of the last century on the spot where now stands the Cathedral, lived religious couple, who had a little statue of the Madonna. Once Madonna started to “cry” to be real human tears. Believed in this, pilgrims from around the world flocked to the city to look at this miracle. It is in honor of him, in the small Italian town of Siracusa, and was built this Cathedral.

Notre Dame du Haut ( Notre Dame du Haut )

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