The most terrifying places in Russia

Russia has surpassed many countries for the amount of terrible and mysterious places. Strohmann have something to fear, quite often there are places that can truly terrify.

Disastrous and bloody

The most known anomalous areas on the planet is probably the Bermuda triangle. It is located in the North Atlantic, in the southern coast of the USA, greater Antilles, and Bermuda. For a century and a half there under very mysterious circumstances in this place disappeared about a thousand people and 20 aircraft and 55 ships. What are the most terrifying places in Russia?

Molebskuyu triangle

The village of Molebka in the Urals is bear’s corner at the junction of the Sverdlovsk region and Perm region. Famous joannamaria area, which is famous as Molebskuyu triangle (also known as the Perm anomalous zone), located on the left Bank of the Sylva river, opposite the village. Once this place was sacred to the Mansi, there was a prayer stone for sacrifices.

In the 80-ies of the last century, the settlement became known throughout the country. During the winter hunting geologist Emile Bachurin found in the snow round mark with a diameter of 62 meters. Since that time, this place dominates the minds of people. Many say they have seen “snow” man, UFOs, and different bodies, in particular, glowing orbs with reasonable behavior. The researchers claim that this area has a strong dowsing anomalies.

Anomalous zone

By the way, Molebskuyu triangle is well known ufologists and foreign tourists. Every year thousands of “pilgrims” flock here to be close to the unknown.

Pass Dyatlov (the Mountain of the dead)

In the North Urals, on the border of the Sverdlovsk region and the Komi Republic, often inexplicable tragedy. On the slopes of mount “1079”, or Mountains of the dead (in the language of Mansi it consists Sahel) many times under mysterious circumstances, they were killed.

The first tragedy occurred on 1-2 February 1959. Mountain climbed up 10 tourists from Sverdlovsk, the expedition was headed by Igor Dyatlov. One tourist, my feet ached and he stayed in the village Vijay, 9 has continued to climb. They do not have time to climb before dark and stopped for the night on the slope. At night, the inexplicable happened – the whole group killed.

The Dyatlov Pass

As has established a consequence, at night, scantily clad tourists cut the tent from inside and rushed in terror to run down. Many died from the cold, but the body turned out to be three broken ribs and cracked skulls. One girl was even missing a tongue. But neither body had abrasions and bruises. Moreover, all of the dead skin was a strange reddish color, his hair white and his face a mask of wild terror. The experts found on the clothes excess at times of background radiation. It is noteworthy that after this over pass collapsed three aircraft and killing a group of tourists by 9 people.

Medveditsky ridge

Mad ball and the usual giant lightning, UFOs, the twisted trees with burns on trunks, soil and vegetation from harmful radiation. Such is the chain of hills with a height of about 250 meters Medveditsky ridge. It is situated in the Volgograd area in zhernovskom area.

Local residents in the area cannot be surprised unidentified objects and numerous traces of UFOs. But not only these famous Medveditskaya mountain. Another mystery – this place attracts a huge amount of lightning. The researchers counted about 350 partially or completely burned trees. From some of the heavy oak trees were only charred stumps.

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