The oldest city in the world


The history of Jericho goes back centuries. Archaeological excavations have determined the age of the city is eight thousand years BC. The name Jericho means moon, month “yareach”.

The name of the city tells that it was compared with nocturnal luminary of the earth and, therefore, was of great importance. It has a unique location below sea level to 260 meters.

Now it is located on Palestinian territory in the Jordan river, with its Western side, about a dozen miles from the Dead sea.

This ancient city has a rich history. Many times he was destroyed, but was reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix. Despite the destruction, Jericho was inhabited since the moment of Foundation till the present time continuously. And where people live, there is history of humanity.

The bronze age

The city is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. Perhaps those fragments of walls Dating to the bronze age, which archaeologists have found, are those, which was destroyed with a loud sound of trumpets, called in the old Testament Jericho.

You need to tell us a little about biblical history, which is the oldest city in the world – Jericho. The old Testament povestvuet that in 12-13 centuries BC, the Hebrews, rukovoditelyam Naveen, came to conquer Jericho. They surrounded the walled city. Seven days the siege lasted. On the seventh day, the Jews performed the ritual: they went around the city all the troops, over and over again, and so they did 7 rounds, with the priests blowing trumpets. After the ritual, the city walls broke down and crumbled up, so Jericho was taken. Through archeological excavations it became clear that city walls were indeed destroyed during this period of time.

Here were found the ruins of the Palace of king Herod, a complex which included pools and baths with wonderful floor mosaics 5-11th century BC Excavations carried out so far, as scientists hope to find in the hills nearby Palace historical relics of great value.

Research suggests that the site of the ancient Jericho was the first seasonal Parking hunters – the time refers to the Natufian culture. It was determined during the excavations on the found items. Further, the Parking lot had acquired the status of settlements with a developed agriculture, and even preserved stone built granary. Mainly residential buildings of this time are made of Adobe – this refers to 9500 to 8500 years BC and is called the pre-pottery Neolithic. The development of the city continued. Around the settlement was built a stone wall, its height was 3 meters 60 centimeters, and the width one meter 80 centimeters. Perhaps it was built to protect it from outsiders or people from the flood. Later, with the development of manufacturing technology of different building materials, in the bronze age, the wall was already built of sun-dried bricks. The city prospered, as can be seen from the excavations, the people in it were engaged in various crafts, and was a well established trade. Then, presumably, it was destroyed and for a long time disappeared from history, but was restored by Ahiram. Reviving the city, according to legend, he lost all of his children, but thanks to him, Jericho once again began to develop and more than once mentioned in history, as it is the oldest city in the world. For example, it was donated by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra mark Antony in the Roman period of rule, and August has returned to reign over Jericho king Herod, whose Palace was found during excavations. In the years 66-73 broke out the Jewish war, and the town was again destroyed, but was rebuilt by Hadrian – Roman Emperor, who ruled from 117 – 138 ad

Refuge for Muslims expelled Jews

In the seventh century, Jericho became a haven for Muslims driven out by the Jews. A time of prosperity in the past, when it was destroyed by crusaders. Only in the 19th century, the city lying in ruins, again began to revive, but this period was short-lived by historical standards. Already in the 20th century Jericho was waiting again test: it was destroyed by the nomads and for some time was uninhabited, then revived again.

In Jericho there are constant archaeological excavations. Scientists from many countries, in hopes of making historical discoveries, are carrying out work. Historical layers are removed gradually, and the eyes of the scientists opens up new finds. Thus, in 1935-1936 on the site previously occupied by the city were found stone age settlements found many tools and household items. In one of the excavated layers were even found sculptural group portraits in life size. Excavations continue and archaeologists are waiting for an incredible discoveries that will be presented to the world.

20th century in Jericho

This long-suffering city has survived many storms in his lifetime, but he lives contrary to them still. But in the 20th century he waited for the shock and hostilities. So during the Arab-Israeli war of 1947-49, Jericho was busy Travidia, and after a six day war in 1967 he again came to Israeli troops. After the Agreement signed in Oslo in 1993 Jericho entered the Palestinian national authority. Since 2000, it banned the entry of the Israelites, the exception may be rare cases.

Apparently, the city has the location affected the interests of many Nations. Because of this, and there are numerous wars and conflicts that afflict both Jericho and its population.

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