The Pharaoh and the Sphinx-like face

First of all, Alford said, is the fact that in Ancient Egypt, in the country Who, no animal sculptures with the face of the man, while the cults of numerous gods, on the contrary, depicted animals and birds in the shape of heads on the shoulders of human figures. In addition, it was noticed that the giant head of the Sphinx is clearly disproportionate with the body of a fantastic animal. It is quite confirmed the assumption that the upper part of the statue was remade. And, finally, the discovery of ancient images of the Sphinx with a lion’s body and a RAM’s head allowed the researcher to make a bold hypothesis, and even accurate enough to limit the scope of the original execution of monumental sculpture.

The various rituals of the ancient Babylonian new year celebration was associated with the constellation of Leo. Found was a cuneiform sign, which States that the Flood occurred at a time when the planet Nibiru was in the constellation of Leo:

Supreme, Supreme, Anointed; Lord whose shining crown radiates terror, the Supreme planet: the throne in which he sits, Contemplating the neighboring orbit of the red planet, Daily, abiding in lion, burning it, Pouring out on the earth, your light, your shining Kingdom.

In this case, a giant Sphinx could symbolize the advent of a Lion in 10900—8700 BC Considering the ancient traditions, one can find among them the one according to which the Sphinx is the face of God Choir-Ekiti — “Falcon of the horizon”, under which was a famous ancient Egyptian gods — RA. Finally, over the horizon, at the point where you focused the head of a Sphinx, were other cyclopean monument of antiquity — Baalbek veranda, which many researchers connect with the space visits Earth. The time span of construction of cyclopean structures — the Pyramids, the giant Sphinx, the Baalbek platform, by a strange coincidence in the corridor narrows 9000-8000 BC but not before And 000 BC, All of these closely spaced structures have the same mystery, monumentality, uniqueness, finally, unsolved functionality. There is another amazing discovery, indirectly confirming an unearthly performance of all structures. Robert Buval and Adrian Gilbert found that the three pyramids of Giza accurately reflect the location of the three stars of Orion’s Belt, which they occupied within 10 450 BC

Coinciding with each other, many facts about the construction of the Sphinx during the occurrence of the Earth during the age of Leo, which means that the Sphinx was not only temporary, iconic symbol, but also could bear the appearance of the king and father of the Egyptian gods — the God RA, the Sun God. But if the timing of the sculpture comes amazing clarity, the face, the face showing the features of cosmica-God, still leave a sense of touch to the ancient mystery of the origin of mankind.

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