The Sutyagin House

“Sutyagin House”. The story of one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world

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On the evening of may 5, 2012 in Arkhangelsk burned the famous “Sutyagin House” – some time it was considered the tallest wooden building in Russia and even the world. To a partial disassembly in 2009 in the house had 13 floors, and its height was 38 meters.

Businessman Nikolai Sutyagin began building this house in 1992, it all started with a 3-storey building. By the early 2000s the house “grew” up to 13 floors.

“I really wanted from the window was a view of the sea. See what the house had to be build!”, – told Sutyagin journalists of the magazine “Spark”.

At the same time about the structure learned at the conference “timber construction in the Northern cities”, held in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. “Sutyagin house” it planned to bring in the Guinness Book of records as the tallest wooden building in the world. However, it is unlikely they managed to do it, at least until there is a Church in the Romanian village of Surdesti, whose height together with the spire is 72 meters. But the Russian record “Sutyagin House” could beat.

However, Sutyagin neighbors and fire Department of the city to the presence in the Arkhangelsk tachyporine were not happy.

“Let’s to show off, lightning will cater for second break out. And correctly. It serves him right. Their millions have nothing on display to exhibit,” said neighbors are all the same reporters “the Spark”.

And fire and the authorities declared that the house not only a squatter – and that violates the law, but also above the position for the wooden buildings of two floors.

“So all I have met. The house has two floors, and the remaining eleven floors — roof. I am so drawn draft”, – argued with them Stagin.

However, truth was not on his side, in 2008 the court ruled that the building should be demolished. In late 2008 and early 2009, the building was partially disassembled, and there are only four floors.

May 5, 2012 on the next site sauna had caught fire, the wind threw the flame at the famous house, which eventually burned to the ground.

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