The underwater treasures of the Crimea

“Treasures” underwater Crimea. The ancient world.

The ancient world has left in Crimean waters the archeological traces of the following: flooded sites of ancient cities and settlements, marinas and port facilities, anchorages, remnants of shipwrecks.

The most interesting shipwrecks. In the coastal area, you can count on finding in areas hazardous to navigation. But in this case, the possible finds are heavily damaged.

In the Black sea there are places where you can find the remains of ships are in relatively good condition – at depths greater than 200 m. This is due to the peculiarity of the Black sea. At this depth in the Black sea, the hydrogen sulfide is present. Hydrogen sulfide kills all living things, and that’s why he’d canned a huge variety of ships of all times and peoples. These ships are waiting to be explored to open some of the mysteries of the ancient world.

Of course, large depth only available to well armed researchers. Most of the ships of ancient times were examined using landers.

And yet, long before antiquity, in the times of the origin of Greek myths, existed in the Mediterranean island nation, whose fleet was so large and powerful that the city walls do not encompass kriposnyi. It was the Minoan civilization.

Held on the Islands in the Mediterranean sea excavations have revealed ancient artifacts, striking beauty and perfection. This ancient city civilizational water and sewer. Separately in the house was fed hot and cold (excavations on the island of Santorini). We modern people the existence of these facilities appears as self-evident, but not so long ago, in historical terms, in the medieval cities of Europe all sewage was simply poured through the window onto the street. It’s hard to imagine that such a powerful, advanced civilization have left their attention waters of the Black sea and Crimea in particular.

But yet, we can now only speculate about it. If there is a very faint trace of this civilization in the Crimean waters, he pocketsa under the seabed in fossilized form. And this is a lot of underwater archaeologists with the most modern equipment.

The list of underwater artifacts of the ancient world:

The ancient city of Acre. Fully flooded. Located near the Western coast of the Kerch Peninsula near the village Treasured on the depth from 2 to 7 m.

In the area of the ancient city of nymphaion. At the bottom of the sea traces of a shipwreck, flooded three antique villages and anchorage. Located near the village of Geroevskoe (Eltigen).

On the southern spur of Yarylgachskoy Bay specialists found partially gone under water the settlement era of the middle and final bronze.

The ancient city of Kalos-Limen. Partially flooded. Located on the Northern edge of the village. Black sea.

At the bottom of lake Panskoye are the ruins of the antique settlement. Supposedly this place was unfortified manor IV—III centuries BC.

Kachin in the Gulf at a depth of about 14 m found the likely debris field period II—III centuries ad

The waters adjacent to the largest ancient Greek city of Northern black sea coast — the Tauric Chersonese.

About the Eastern shore of Sand Bay of Hersonissos in the ground survived the wreck of the I century BC the body was not preserved. Found the remains of cargo in the form of thousands of fragments of amphorae. They occupy space from the ground surface to a depth of half a meter. The greatest number of amphoras recorded among the rocks, and the lowest — in the sand layer.

To the North-West of the entrance to the Quarantine Bay at the bottom found numerous clusters of antique ceramics and fragments of amphorae, pithoi and tableware. It is believed that this is the remains of the cargoes of lost ships.

In the omega Bay (Round) causes the interest of the Bank, located in the center of the Bay at a depth of about 1 m. It rises above the surrounding bottom 2-4 m. When examining banks recorded the ruins of an unknown structure, between the stones of which were found the fragments of ceramics and medieval amphorae. In the shallows, located in the depths of the Bay, are the remains of the ancient manor.

Balaklava Bay is one of the oldest on the Peninsula of Parking ships. It was used by brands such as home pirate ships — “mosquitoes” and raids on passing along the shore of the court.

The place of occurrence of antique ceramics were discovered in the region Adalary cliffs near Gurzuf.

In the ground waters adjacent to Cape Plaka, at depths of 6-12 m is a lot of remains of jugs, amphoras, pottery of the ancient period.

In the water area of the Feodosijsky port found remains of an ancient pier. There are about 4 thousand pine piles, discovered at a depth of about 8 m.

In Streletskaya Bay at the bottom near the Western coast at depths up to 12 m discovered ceramics. The earliest fragments of amphorae of the IV century BC During underwater operations in 1993-1994 on the ground found not only fragments of antique vessels, but also entire products. The area in which they were found, is not less than 100 sq. m. it Should be noted that the fragments of ceramics and amphorae are found almost everywhere along the coast of the Sevastopol bays, adjacent to the ancient Chersonesos.

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