The world’s first pyramids were built by the ancient Ukrainians

In Crimea’s break out the real archaeological boom. Dozens of scientists, including from abroad, gathered in Sevastopol to see the place where, under some assumptions, under a layer of earth can lurk seven ancient pyramids. Enthusiasts already been excavated and, according to them, to the top of one of the mysterious structures only a few meters.

According to the newspaper “Fleet Ukrainy”. a sensational discovery belongs Sebastopol researcher Vitaly Guohua. He found the whereabouts of pyramids with the help of special invented and patented device that allows you to define any substances underground. For several years Ukrainian Kulibin was engaged in mineral exploration and water and stumbled on an unusual underground formations. Further measurements led Goh to the conclusion that these structures did not arise naturally, but were artificially created.

“We have reached a very strong education that includes animal protein, gypsum, liquid glass, gravel, – says the author of the findings. Is man-caused pyramid, which radiates energy in certain periods, and this energy is also specific”.

To test the hypothesis enthusiast decided the assistant to the rector of the Sevastopol national University of nuclear energy and industry Igor Kotelenez. According to him, the University has uncannyannie search of any materials under the ground. “We have completed the scan using different methods, and we document the discovery of the pyramid,” says Kotelenez.

The last time this place was visited by more than twenty commissions, including international ones. Employees of reserve “Chersonese” claim to have discovered on the surface of the objects, which date from the last quarter of the IV century B. C. However, other members of the excavation are inclined to believe that the underground pyramids of Sevastopol is much older. Who exactly built them, they do not undertake to say, but I suppose that we can talk about the heritage of the ancient civilization perished 65 million years ago in the fall of a giant meteorite .

It should be noted, however, that professional archaeologists are skeptical about the idea of the existence of ancient pyramids in Europe. In particular, they called a “total fiction” recent statements by Bosnian lovers of antiquities that in their home country 12 thousand ago towered buildings, like the tomb of Cheops. The more incredulous the representatives of academic science must, apparently, be attributed to the hypothesis of Sevastopol of dowsers, environmental and allegedly found their construction to the time of dinosaurs.

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