Top 10 most mysterious places in the world

10. Mounds Cahokia.

Cahokia is the name given to the Indian settlement near Illinois . USA . Archaeologists believe that the city was founded in 650 ad, and the complex structure of this building proves that it was a highly prosperous society.

At the peak of the prosperity of Cahokia was inhabited by 40,000 Indians – it was the most populous settlement of America before the arrival of Europeans. The main attraction of Cookie – earthen mounds up to 100 feet on a plot of 2200 acres . During the excavations archeologists found wooden sun calendar called Woodhenge .

Although scientists are constantly discovering new information about the community Cahokia, still remains a mystery which modern Indian tribe is descended from the inhabitants of the ancient city and were forced to abandon their city.

9. Newgrange

It is believed that this is the oldest known prehistoric structure in Ireland . Newgrange was built of earth, stone, woods and clay in approximately 3100 BC . uh . approximately 1,000 years before the construction of the pyramids in Egypt .

This structure consists of a long corridor, which leads to a transverse chamber, which was probably used as a grave. The most characteristic feature of Newgrange is its accurate and robust project, which has helped the structure remain completely waterproof to this day.

What is most surprising is the entrance to mogyorosbanya relative to the sun in such a way that on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the sun’s rays directed through a small hole in a 60 – foot passageway, where they illuminate the floor of the Central room of the monument.

Archaeologists speculate that Newgrange was used as a tomb, but why and for whom, remains a mystery. It is also difficult to determine how the ancient builders with such precision calculated design, and what role the sun played in their mythology.

8. Underwater pyramid of Yonaguni

7. The Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are a series of lines and pictograms located on a dry plateau in the Nazca desert . Peru . They cover an area of about 50 miles . and were created between the year 200 BC . C. and 700 ad by the Nazca Indians .

Lines managed to stay intact for hundreds of years, owing to the arid climate, the rains and winds are very rare here. Some of the lines cover a distance of 600 feet and depict a variety of objects from simple lines to insects and animals.

However, scientists still don’t know why these lines were made. The most popular and reasonable hypothesis is that the lines must be figured in the religious beliefs of the Indians, and that they did the drawings as the laying of the gods, who will be able to see them from heaven. Other scientists argue that the lines — evidence of the use of massive looms, and one researcher even made the ridiculous theory that the lines were the remnants of ancient airfields used by a vanished, technologically advanced society.

6. The goseck circle in Germany

One of the most mysterious places in Germany is the Goseck circle . the monument, made of earth, gravel, and wooden Palisades, which is considered the earliest example of a primitive “solar Observatory”. This circle consists of a series of circular ditches surrounded by walls of palisade. The monument was built around 4900 BC by Neolithic peoples.

The architectural features of the monument forced the public to believe that the Circle was built to serve as a primitive calendar, but its actual use remains unknown.

5. Sacsayhuaman is an ancient Inca fortress of great

4. Easter Island

On Easter island are the Moai monuments — a group of huge human statues. The moai were carved sometime between 1250 and 1500 BC the earliest inhabitants of the island, and are believed to represent the ancestors of the local people and the gods.

Scientists have reached agreement in question causes installation of statues, but the islanders made them is still a topic for discussion. The most common theory is that the builders used wooden sleds and sticks to move the Moai . This also gives the answer to the question of how green the island was almost completely barren.

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