Top 10 religious sites Spain

Spain has always attracted people passionate, romantic, temperamental. Somehow, it is believed that the local entertainment industry offers travelers just what capable to tickle nerves. But we must not forget that Spain is primarily a Catholic country with centuries – old traditions. It is therefore very interesting to visit can be her sanctuary .

Administrators and users a well-known online portal for travelers Tripadvisor completed the list of top 10 most popular sacred sites in Spain .

It is not surprising that virtually all the prominent religious shrines are tourist attractions, because religion was and is a big part of the culture and the history of mankind, according to the Service Continents.

Spain is one of the most attractive countries for tourists.

All objects from the list of shrines worthy of inclusion in the tourist route in Spain at any time of the year. Particularly interesting they will be lovers of ancient monuments of Gothic architecture, history, symbolism and religion .

Top 10 religious sites in Spain:

1. Sagrada Familia

The famous monument, designed in the Gothic revival style, is a creation of genius Antonio Gaudi. The construction of Iskupitelnogo of the Holy Family (Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família) was begun in 1882 on public donations and continues to this day. The temple is considered the most important religious masterpiece of Gaudi and symbol of modern architecture of Barcelona.

2. Seville Cathedral

Located in the capital of Andalusia, Seville Cathedral (Catedral de Sevilla), called differently by the Cathedral of Santa Maria de La sede (Catedral de Santa María de la Sede), is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world. A huge Shrine was built more than a century, from 1401 to 1519 year. Spanish fans of Christopher Columbus claim that he is buried here. In 1987, the Shrine was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

3. The Cathedral in Toledo

The main attraction of Toledo can be considered a model of pure Gothic style of architecture. Inside the Cathedral, tourists will see a huge number of paintings and carved images, turns it into a huge sacred Museum. Toledo was the cradle of artists of different directions of applied art and art related to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Many of them are reflected in the decoration of the main religioznoi shrines of the ancient city, a historical treasure which deserves special attention.

4. The monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial

The oldest monastery in Spain, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, located an hour’s drive from Madrid in the foothills of the Sierra Guadarrama, belongs to the order of St. Augustine. His unusual style belongs to the Renaissance and is sometimes jokingly called “architectural nightmare”. In addition, a religious Shrine claims the title of world heritage site by UNESCO. The king of Spain Philip the Second, who ordered to build the monastery, wanted to create a multifunctional complex consisting of several palaces and monasteries. With the end of the XVI century, the monastery is considered as the Eighth wonder of the world. In addition, there is the burial place of many Spanish rulers. When you visit religioznogo Palace-monastery it is necessary to explore the monarch’s tomb, and a magnificent library.

5. Cathedral La Sau

Amazing Oriental Gothic style Church, located in Palma de Mallorca, striking in its elegance. Built in the 13th-15th centuries the Cathedral has a lovely and warm inner light. Great wall painting – the main pride of the Shrine of La Seu.

6. Malaga Cathedral

This temple, which because of its asymmetrical single tower popularly known as “Doruska”, is the most valuable architectural monument of the Renaissance in Andalusia. The Malaga Cathedral has the highest arches in the region and a striking mix of styles – Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, isabelino.

7. The Cathedral of Burgos

Although the interior of the Catedral de Burgos, built from the 13th to the 16th century, betrays some signs of the art of the Renaissance and Baroque, the main style of the Cathedral is Gothic. It is considered one of the three most beautiful cathedrals of Spain . dedicated to the virgin Mary. Arcade recognizable religious shrines many times was copied in the construction of Spanish churches in America.

8. Royal monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe

Real Monasterio de Santa María de Guadalupe was founded in 1340, king Alfonso the Tenth and is located in Guadalupe, in cáceres province, Spain . The buildings of the monastery built in the Gothic style, while blending the architectural and design areas could not be avoided here. Especially beautiful the temple of the patron Saint of Extremadura and Queen of Spain. In 1993 religioznaja Shrine included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

9. The Segovia Cathedral

Known as the king of all cathedrals. Although it is dominated by the Gothic style in architecture and decoration some noticeable traits of the Renaissance. The Cathedral of Segovia was founded in 1525 by Charles the Fifth. Today, many consider it the most beautiful Gothic Church in Spain . When you visit this religious shrines have the opportunity to hear Gregorian chants.

Religioznaja magnificent medieval Shrine of the imprint of Roman origin, although it is in the Gothic style. Cuenca was conquered by Alfonso the Eighth, on 21 September 1177 of the year, and, according to the Chronicles, during the reign of the monarch of Spain, it was decided to build on the site of an old mosque, a Christian Church, which is still one of the main attractions of the ancient city.

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