10 of the oldest artifacts in the world

Mankind has always sought to preserve its history and leave at least part of it to their descendants. Therefore, any vintage discovery greatly stirred the minds and hearts of common people and scientists.

1. The oldest book in Europe

The oldest book in Europe in solid leather cover in red, also perfectly preserved, is the gospel of Saint Cuthbert (also known as the gospel Stonyhurst), which was written in Latin in the seventh century. Its fully digitized version is now available on the Internet. The book is a copy of the gospel of John, and it was put into the coffin of Saint Cuthbert more than 1300 years ago. When the Vikings began raiding the northeast coast of England, the monastic community left the island of Lindisfarne, taking with them the coffin and the book, and settled in Durham. The coffin was opened in 1104 and the gospel a long time passed from hand to hand until it came to the Jesuits. Continue reading

The most ancient structures in the world
China. Ancient artifacts in a modern country China is proud of its long rich history and a huge number of ancient monuments. The great wall of China is perhaps one…

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Museum of playing cards.
This is the only Museum in Russia dedicated to the history of playing cards. The Museum appeared in Peterhof not by chance, because it was here in the summer that…

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