Russian Bastion Of The Knights Templar

Theories of different researchers about the knights Templar

In Western historiography for the past many years the trend was broad-based development in the study of the history of the Order of the Temple. The main thesis of these works is in the title of the Chapter. In Paris book shops and publishers offer many works and treatises, dedicated to the Order; some of them acceptable, others almost absurd. However, relative to French scientists Umberto Eco wrote: “the Carelessness of the French scientists concerning bibliographic footnotes are well-known. But this case has surpassed most of the bad expectations.” These words fully apply to research on the history of the Order. In fact, in the last quarter-century about the knights Templar have been put forward the most extravagant hypotheses, some of them, however, are not without Foundation.

1. The Templars and Gothic architecture. There is an opinion that the Templars or were the inspirers of the idea of Gothic cathedrals or Gothic cathedrals were built, or gave money to their building. Jacques de MAHIEU claims that less than a century the Templars built 80 cathedrals and smaller churches 70. Continue reading

The most terrifying places in Russia

Russia has surpassed many countries for the amount of terrible and mysterious places. Strohmann have something to fear, quite often there are places that can truly terrify.

Disastrous and bloody

The most known anomalous areas on the planet is probably the Bermuda triangle. It is located in the North Atlantic, in the southern coast of the USA, greater Antilles, and Bermuda. For a century and a half there under very mysterious circumstances in this place disappeared about a thousand people and 20 aircraft and 55 ships. What are the most terrifying places in Russia?

Molebskuyu triangle

The village of Molebka in the Urals is bear’s corner at the junction of the Sverdlovsk region and Perm region. Famous joannamaria area, which is famous as Molebskuyu triangle (also known as the Perm anomalous zone), located on the left Bank of the Sylva river, opposite the village. Once this place was sacred to the Mansi, there was a prayer stone for sacrifices. Continue reading

Review of enigmatic constructions of ancient times

The most mysterious buildings of antiquity

In the first place mentioned Berlingske guard (also known as the Indian Head), which can be admired in the province of Alberta, Canada. However, it can be seen either from the aircraft or by using services like Google Earth. Giant size guard discovered in 2006, American Lynne Hickox, examining satellite images of the Earth on the Internet. In fairness, we note that “man-made” many of the guards questioned. Skeptics argue that if a rich imagination and an excess of time, you can find a lot of humanoid figures in the shapes of mountains and landscapes.

But the second group of objects that is also designed for viewing from a great height, obviously already could not be created by the game elements. Lininski, on the homonymous plateau in Peru were carved between 400 and 650 BC. The drawings consist of a variety of images of animals, among which you can find sharks, lizards, orcas, hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys and some others. According to archaeologists who do not share the “alien” explanation, they could have a ritual significance. For example, one theory suggests that during the annual festivals the priests could fill hollowed-out grooves of some combustible substance, and then to admire rising into the air a giant smoke shapes is analogous to the rings Smoking pipes. Continue reading

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Main themes of Gothic ornament
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