In Russia found an ancient structure comparable to the stone hangem

Geological expedition discovered in the mountains in the South of the Kemerovo region, a stone “wall” of piled up on each other rectangular blocks. According to one version, find — a man-made structure older than 100 thousand years. Scientists compare the structure with Stonehenge and the Egyptian paramasamy this summer and intend to again go on an expedition to solve the mystery of its origin. About it ITAR-TASS informed the Deputy Chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian geographical society Eugene Vertman.

In Russia found an ancient structure

According to preliminary estimates, the height of the wall is about 40 m and a length of almost 200 m. the length of the “bricks” that make up the building reaches 20 meters, their height — 5-7 m. the Weight of each block — more than 1 thousand tons. Part of the rectangular stones scattered on the slopes of the mountains, which are adjacent to the main discovery.

Scientists are considering two versions of the origin of the “Russian Stonehenge”. According to the first, construction could build an ancient civilization. Continue reading

The most terrifying places in Russia

Russia has surpassed many countries for the amount of terrible and mysterious places. Strohmann have something to fear, quite often there are places that can truly terrify.

Disastrous and bloody

The most known anomalous areas on the planet is probably the Bermuda triangle. It is located in the North Atlantic, in the southern coast of the USA, greater Antilles, and Bermuda. For a century and a half there under very mysterious circumstances in this place disappeared about a thousand people and 20 aircraft and 55 ships. What are the most terrifying places in Russia?

Molebskuyu triangle

The village of Molebka in the Urals is bear’s corner at the junction of the Sverdlovsk region and Perm region. Famous joannamaria area, which is famous as Molebskuyu triangle (also known as the Perm anomalous zone), located on the left Bank of the Sylva river, opposite the village. Once this place was sacred to the Mansi, there was a prayer stone for sacrifices. Continue reading

Rama’s Bridge

Rama’s bridge is an ancient structure or natural formation?

Rama’s bridge is a chain of small coral Islands and shoals in the Strait Bolkcom length of about 50 km, linking the southern coast of India with the island of Sri Lanka, the former Ceylon. The Hindus then and now, consider bridge Frame made structure, built by Rama in ancient times, he now is a sacred place.

The bridge Frame on the ancient map of Ceylon from the Atlas of Ptolemy.

In the area of the bridge Frame between the Islands — unexplained and sudden upwelling from depths of 10-12 m to 1-0. 5 m, so that the bridge can take being noticeable in the water waist-deep, and to sail on small boats (only Strait between the Cape and the island Ramnad Ramesvar, the so-called pass Bambas available for small ships). The actual bridge length of 30 km stretches from the island of Pamban (another of his name to Rameshwaram — the place of God Rama) in the South-Western coast of Tamil Nadu in India to the island of Mannar off the Northwest coast of Sri Lanka.

18 km South-East of Rameshwaram on the long sandy spit once stood the city Dhanushkodi, which in 1964 was completely destroyed by the cyclone. Continue reading

The Sutyagin House
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Medveditsky ridge
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