Mysterious ancient megaliths

This mysterious and famous phenomenon like Stonehenge still causes more questions than gives answers. Who has erected these giant sandstones on Salisbury plain in southern England? And how and for what purpose was Stonehenge built?

Garrans, Kaktusen, Ireland (2005)

However, Stonehenge is not one of a kind stone megaliths can be found around the globe.

Photographer Barbara Yoshida traveled across the world to capture ancient buildings of stone boulders at night. These images became the illustrations for the book “Look to the moon: megaliths by moonlight”, authored by Barbara Yoshida.

The very first megalith Barbara saw in 2003 in Scotland. It was “Circle Brodgar”. Barbara describes it as a circle of huge stones, located on the island of Mainland in the Orkney archipelago of Islands. All night she photographed a magnificent structure that bears no less puzzles than Stonehenge. As the temperature at night fell on the camera lens appeared drops of moisture that condense in the air, making the shots star trails are longer. Continue reading

Medveditsky ridge

Medveditskaya ridge – a mysterious place in Russia

On planet Earth there are abnormal areas that are covered with mystery and mystique.

One such place is Medveditsky ridge .

In these areas, things happen that defy explanation even by modern science, not to mention basic logical understanding of an ordinary man.

Abnormal location of our planet ” Medveditskaya ridge “.

The UFOs, and a giant ball regular lightning, mangled, broken, like matches trees with diameters of trunks of more than thirty inches with traces of burns on them, the soil and vegetation exposed to harmful radiations unknown, unexplored network of underground tunnels, all of this is Medveditsky ridge. Continue reading

The most terrifying places in Russia

Russia has surpassed many countries for the amount of terrible and mysterious places. Strohmann have something to fear, quite often there are places that can truly terrify.

Disastrous and bloody

The most known anomalous areas on the planet is probably the Bermuda triangle. It is located in the North Atlantic, in the southern coast of the USA, greater Antilles, and Bermuda. For a century and a half there under very mysterious circumstances in this place disappeared about a thousand people and 20 aircraft and 55 ships. What are the most terrifying places in Russia?

Molebskuyu triangle

The village of Molebka in the Urals is bear’s corner at the junction of the Sverdlovsk region and Perm region. Famous joannamaria area, which is famous as Molebskuyu triangle (also known as the Perm anomalous zone), located on the left Bank of the Sylva river, opposite the village. Once this place was sacred to the Mansi, there was a prayer stone for sacrifices. Continue reading

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