Rama’s Bridge

Rama’s bridge is an ancient structure or natural formation?

Rama’s bridge is a chain of small coral Islands and shoals in the Strait Bolkcom length of about 50 km, linking the southern coast of India with the island of Sri Lanka, the former Ceylon. The Hindus then and now, consider bridge Frame made structure, built by Rama in ancient times, he now is a sacred place.

The bridge Frame on the ancient map of Ceylon from the Atlas of Ptolemy.

In the area of the bridge Frame between the Islands — unexplained and sudden upwelling from depths of 10-12 m to 1-0. 5 m, so that the bridge can take being noticeable in the water waist-deep, and to sail on small boats (only Strait between the Cape and the island Ramnad Ramesvar, the so-called pass Bambas available for small ships). The actual bridge length of 30 km stretches from the island of Pamban (another of his name to Rameshwaram — the place of God Rama) in the South-Western coast of Tamil Nadu in India to the island of Mannar off the Northwest coast of Sri Lanka.

18 km South-East of Rameshwaram on the long sandy spit once stood the city Dhanushkodi, which in 1964 was completely destroyed by the cyclone. Continue reading

Review of enigmatic constructions of ancient times

The most mysterious buildings of antiquity

In the first place mentioned Berlingske guard (also known as the Indian Head), which can be admired in the province of Alberta, Canada. However, it can be seen either from the aircraft or by using services like Google Earth. Giant size guard discovered in 2006, American Lynne Hickox, examining satellite images of the Earth on the Internet. In fairness, we note that “man-made” many of the guards questioned. Skeptics argue that if a rich imagination and an excess of time, you can find a lot of humanoid figures in the shapes of mountains and landscapes.

But the second group of objects that is also designed for viewing from a great height, obviously already could not be created by the game elements. Lininski, on the homonymous plateau in Peru were carved between 400 and 650 BC. The drawings consist of a variety of images of animals, among which you can find sharks, lizards, orcas, hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys and some others. According to archaeologists who do not share the “alien” explanation, they could have a ritual significance. For example, one theory suggests that during the annual festivals the priests could fill hollowed-out grooves of some combustible substance, and then to admire rising into the air a giant smoke shapes is analogous to the rings Smoking pipes. Continue reading

Secrets of the megalith

In many countries of the world and even on the sea floor are mysterious constructions of huge stone blocks and slabs. They are called megaliths (from the Greek words “Megas” — big and “Litos” — stone). Still it is not known who and for what purpose held in very ancient times in various places of the planet such a Titanic work, because the weight of some boulders up to tens, if not hundreds, of tons.

The most amazing in the world the stones

Megaliths are divided into dolmens, menhirs and trilithons. Dolmens — the most common type of megaliths, it is a kind of stone houses, in Brittany (province of France) is not less than 4500 units. The menhirs are called installed vertically elongated blocks of stone. If two vertically mounted blocks on the top third, such a structure is called a trilithon. In that case, if the trilithons set in a ring ensemble, as in the case of the famous Stonehenge, such a structure is called a cromlech.YDo still no one can say exactly for what purpose constructed these impressive structures. Hypotheses on this account very much, but none of them can comprehensively answer all the questions of these majestic silent stones. Continue reading

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