York Minster

Amazing York Minster in the UK is so remarkably fit into the overall picture of the city of York that it is hard to imagine the city without it. The magnificence fantasy English architects resulted in the building fully. All thought long and hard about how the Cathedral harmoniously fit into the overall view of the city and not lost. York Minster is so delightfully and harmoniously blended into existing fine lines and areas that the residents loved him immediately and began to bring money for a donation to the Cathedral became even better.

If you arrive in York, it will open your eyes a gorgeous picture – the large and majestic Cathedral built in the Gothic pattern, standing in the center of the main square of the city, adorns all its shiny appearance and bright lamps glowing under the domes of the Cathedral. By the way, about the structure of the Cathedral. He was insanely tall and majestic its height is about 160 meters and the towers have a height of 60 meters. This is a respectable size, sat down to consider that these very high buildings in York is no more. The Cathedral is unique in its kind. Interestingly, the wooden roof over the nave is painted in the color of the stone, creating an even greater effect of grandeur and scale. North and South transepts have the same color, creating a unique harmony of Union with God, when you come here. Zamechatelnyi stained glass Windows and stained glass Windows separately amazing and meticulousness of execution because his masters are skilled architects and painters of England and other neighboring countries, called here solely for artistic purposes. Beautiful bells sounding on holidays and in case of alarm, the chimes, located on the facade of the Cathedral completes the harmonious picture of its Gothic form.

The Cathedral is often compared to Canterbury, and it is no coincidence, because their story is similar. York Minster arose slowly and painfully, first on this site Edwin king ordered to build a small chapel, which was supposed to go to his baptism. Later, the chapel was surrounded by other outbuildings. In the large-scale expansion of the architectural and religious complex there appeared a library, Sunday school, a small convent, a shelter for the afflicted and travelers. The latter circumstance has created the glory of the Cathedral as a welcoming and hospitable shelter, where everyone can participate. Built and expanded the complex was repeatedly subjected to destruction, but it is so revered that was rebuilt, not allowing to fall into oblivion. After massive renovations that lasted a long 250 years, the Cathedral was consecrated by famous archbishops of that time in 1472. A rival to Canterbury Cathedral in York still gave him at that moment, when the Pope gave the Archbishop of York status is lower than that of Canterbury. But that didn’t stop this wonderful Cathedral to attract people interested in Gothic architecture and history.

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